About us

MangoAndMore began as an unlikely idea during a time in our lives when it seemed most impractical to try. Our family had struck some hard times and we were struggling to get by. We struck out on the adventure of a lifetime and MangoAndMore was slowly brought to life. Over the past several years we have applied all of our combined passion and inspiration to our products and brand, making MangoAndMore a beautiful extension of our lifestyle and values- which is exactly what we want it to be. Be creative, be authentic, have meaningful connections.

Each macrame wall hanging or plant hanger we make is hand knotted by us, right in our own studio. All driftwood is handpicked. We do not have any employees; we are a true family business and operate every aspect of our business right from our home. We are passionate about creating and curating your bohemian findings that will become your most treasured possession.

Thank you for allowing our family the opportunity to pursue our dreams while knotting with our hands to produce beautiful and meaningful items for your home. We appreciate your support so much and look forward to crafting for you!

Blessing, Robin Hendriks & Jib Rutnin