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Macramé Wandkleedpatroon 'Berry'

Macramé Wandkleedpatroon 'Berry'

Macramé Wandkleedpatroon 'Berry'

In dit patroon zal ik je alle knopen leren die in dit wandkleed worden gebruikt. Kijk ook naar de video en vergeet niet te abonneren.


Om dit wandkleed te kunnen maken heeft u de volgende materialen nodig:

  • 15x 5 meter katoen touw van 5mm
  • 1x Houten stok of tak van +-70cm

Macramé wandkleedpatroon

Bekijk de video om de volledige tutorial te zien. Vergeet niet te abonneren!

7 opmerkingen

mei 10, 2021

Hi there! Can you please tell me how wide this project is?

aug. 14, 2020

Muy hermosos trabajos.

jul. 08, 2020

Hi Anna, I read your comment. Very sharp eye. You’ll need 6 meters or ~20 foot not 2 foot. :) I fixed the text as well.

Robin Hendriks
jul. 08, 2020

6 meters is roughly 19 feet, not 2 feet. Do I need 6 meters for this berry project? Or 2 meters, which is roughly 6 feet?

mei 05, 2020

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful pattern. Can’t wait to make a start!

Anna Kennedy
mei 05, 2020

Beautiful… I love it. Thank you for showing how to make this. Please keep showing us how to make these beautiful pieces. Thank you.

mei 05, 2020

So happy to join you! I am a crafter of many things but master of few! The Saying Goes close to that! So, I love macrame and it even hangs in some friends homes. My question is I would like to have a complete reference book to refer too! Because I don’t do it often enough to remember all the different knots. Then I have to pull it out!
If you could recommend the best book to add to my craft room I would appreciate it!
Thank you,


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