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Guide to buying macramé rope

Guide to buying macramé rope

Choosing the right fiber is an important first step when starting a new project. This can be a really fun and exciting process because there are so many options, but it can also be a bit overwhelming if you don't know where to start ... so let's take a look.


The smaller cord, 3mm are ideal for jewelry as well as small or delicate projects.

Our 5mm rope is the most commonly used rope. It is a great size for plant hangers, wall hangings, curtains etc.

A small note on the size. You may have noticed that there is some variation among retailers in the size of the rope you have purchased.  Some shops give the size as measured when it is wrapped tightly around the spool. We took our measurements after they were cut and given a chance to breathe. Size can vary widely depending on weather, humidity, storage conditions or the force with which the thread is wound around the spool. This applies to all natural fibers.

Twisted vs String

Texture is an important element to consider visually, as you can definitely make it that much more interesting by adding some nice textured fibers to a macrame piece.

Twisted rope is 3 strands twisted around each other.  When you untwist the rope it gives a wavy fringe. It is great for adding texture to your work.

String rope is extremely soft single stranded rope. It is very easy to work with. The string is also very easy to comb out using a brush creating that beautiful soft fringe you often see in macrame feathers and wall hangings.

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