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Pattern - Macrame Wall Hanging  'Almaz'

Pattern - Macrame Wall Hanging 'Almaz'

Macrame Wall Hanging Pattern 'Almaz'

In this pattern I will teach you the knots used in this wall hanging. See the video for the full time lapse 


To make this wall hanging you will need the following materials:

  • 24x 7.5 meter (25 foot) of 5mm (0,2") cotton rope
  • 2x 70cm (28") of 5mm (0,2") cotton rope
  • 1x A wood dowel 70cm (28") long

Starting your wall hanging

To start your wall hanging cut 24 sections of cotton rope 7.5 meters (25 foot) each. You will need to attach 4 ropes simultaneously using a Lark's head knot.  Repeat this step 6 times.

Now it is time for the the first horizontal line of double half-hitch knots. First use 1 of your 70cm (28") cotton rope to use as you holding cord. Now use your hanging cords to tie 48 double half-hitch knots around your holding cord.

The Diamond Pattern

The wall hanging consists of 1 repeating pattern. Use square knots to tie diamonds separated by 2 rows of double half hitch knots. Finish the wall hanging with 1 horizontal row of double half hitch knots. Trim your fringe and you are all set.


Feb 26, 2021

Hi, I love this piece but was wondering what the finished size is please? I’m looking for a particular size to make. Thanks in advance!

Apr 28, 2020

This is just what I need! My sewing room window is only a driveway-width from the front door of the rear apartment next door. The sewing room is between my bedroom and the bathroom; during the summer I don’t wear pajamas. (I think you can guess what that means!)
I bought a film for the window that lets light in but no viewing but that means the cats can’t see out.
I can make this hanging to fit the window. When the cats want to look out, they can part the fringe at the bottom but no one will be able to see in.
This solves a major problem and I have time to make it but I need it!


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